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  Connections...The Sacred Journey Between Two Points
by Edmonston, Carol Ross

Trade Paperback - ISBN 0970068409
List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $17.96
Bindu Publications

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 This is a moving and poetic story about one woman's journey through two separate diagnois' of breast cancer and the spiritual transformation and healing that followed. It is beautifully combined with the artistic creativity she discovered during that time. What started out as simple doodles quickly became sophisticated graphic art. This art form became an open-eyed meditation as she began to trust and have faith in the process, both with the art and in her medical adventure. She learned the importance of embracing the preciousness of the present moment and living life one moment at a time. This story is filled with inspiration and encouragement, inviting the reader to embrace whatever life offers, as a gift and one filled with treasures to behold and wisdom to share.
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