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  DECIPHER Your Dreams, DECIPHER Your Life
Decoding the Mysteries of Symbolism
by Tianna Galgano

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0971035105
List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $17.96
Dream On Creations Publishing

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Everyone dreams. Science has proven that we have between four to six dreams every night of our life. But why is dreaming so important? Why do dreams seem so strange and confusing? What is the reason for horrible nightmares? Why do some dreams recur (i.e., happen over and over)? Do spirits of the deceased visit in dreams? Can we use our dreams to heal our minds and bodies? Why are dreams so mysterious, strange or “bad?” In this book, Tianna answers these, and your other burning questions about dreams.

The conscious mind has little or no understanding of the dreaming language of symbolism and metaphors. This book is not the “traditional” type of dream book (dream dictionary). Instead, it teaches you how to tap into your intuitive self, and how to use intuition interactively with Tianna’s Dream Decipher process. With the tools given in this book, you will truly understand your dreams and learn how to use them for spiritual growth, guidance and healing.

DECIPHER techniques outlined in this book, can also help you find the hidden causes of pain, illness, & emotional distress; discover the deeper meaning of accidents & negative situations; understand why parts in the subconscious sabotage you, & more!

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