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  Let's Eat Out!
Your Passport to Living Gluten And Allergy Fre
by Koeller, Kim and La France, Robert

Paperback - ISBN 0976484501
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R.R.P. Press

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 "Let's Eat Out!" will make you hungry and give you the power to protect yourself from food allergies at the same time. This series is an amazingly comprehensive guide that is sure to help thousands of people to feel more in control of their lives.

Addressing ten food allergens in seven international cuisines was a project that took years of research. The result is an allergy free passport, 496 page, full color book that includes 175+ menu items with descriptions, and preparation questions for you to ask to restaurant staff, and so much more that will give you the inspiration to once again go out to eat. There are snack ideas, beverage categories, quick reference guides and extensive detailed menus to learn about. Knowledge is power and so is asking the right questions. The authors give you the knowledge as well as the right questions to ask in order to protect yourself and/or your loved ones who have food allergies. The book even includes information on 50+ global airlines that offer special meals.

The main book is so easy to use with color coded tabs on the chapter pages, making it simple to open up to Indian Cuisine or American Steak and Seafood, among others. Each chapter offers an interesting overview of that culture's cooking habits, which I promise you will make your mouth water. The introduction and first couple of chapters are a step by step guide that will help those who are new to dealing with allergies as well as those who have lived with them for years. Written in layman's terms, you will not need your doctor sitting beside you in the restaurant in order to order!

In addition to the main book there are small passports available that are meant to be carried along in the pocket as you explore the world of dining out. Whether you are a world traveler or simply heading into town to sample some various cuisines, these smaller guides are for quick reference. Three of them focus on certain cuisines, while a fourth offers a multi-lingual phrase guide that is dedicated to communicating special dietary needs. This passport provides translations from English to French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The series is the first of its kind and promises to enrich the lives of many people. A well-written, professionally researched, gorgeous and sturdy book that is likely to become a common sight in many a restaurant and home.

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