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  Deep Medicine
Harnessing the Source of Your Healing Power
by William Stewart, MD

Trade Paperback - ISBN 1572246447
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New Harbinger Publishing

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 Deep Medicine looks beneath the superficiality of symptoms to the underlying issues of health. Using clear language, Deep Medicine explores the complex, interwoven nature of health as part of the immense mystery of life, rather than reducing health to an easily explainable puzzle, hastily solved. Our bodies should not be treated like machines that can be fixed by merely changing a part of using a standard healing process. Without deeper inquiry and self-discovery, short courses in well-being will likely fall short of promised results and will be unsustainable for most people. The work of health-creation and healing is personal, lifelong and conscious process that must examine the inner depths as well as refine surface contours.

The core thesis of Deep Medicine is that everything we think, feel or do either fosters health or detracts from it. If we are responsible for our own well-being, we need to look closely at our daily choices. Dr. Stewart explains, "Health-creating change is not simply a 10-step program or an 8-week course but a lifelong challenge. Making healthy choices and sustaining them is vital to our well being."

Deep Medicine connects our personal health with everything that surrounds us. It integrates direct healing plans and protocols with lifelong learning and practice in an effort to create an optimal path to health. It is this integration that provides the greatest potential for meaningful, lasting, and truly transformative living. Deep Medicine is a book that complements most other health-related books because it is foundational in its approach. When other, more fad-like approaches have been forgotten, Deep Medicine and its timeless message will still have a valued place on the bookshelf.

About the Author
William B. Stewart is the co-founder and Medical Director of the Institute for Health & Healing at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. He is a nationally renowned oculoplastic surgeon and a former Chairman of California Pacific's Department of Opthalmology. He has received the "Best Doctors in America" recognition every year for more than ten years, and is a frequent, inspiring guest lecturer around the world, dedicated to changing the way we understand health and healing.

Editorial Reviews

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, professor and author of Kitchen Table Wisdom
"When it comes to our health, our choices are often our destiny. In Deep Medicine Dr. Stewart supports our choices with the skill of a physician and the wisdom of a healer."

Angeles Arrien, PhD, cultural anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way and Second Half of Life
"...a timeless message that is pioneering, practical and inspirational."

Mehmet Oz, MD, heart surgeon and author of Healing from the Heart
"Deep Medicine offers a free-spirited approach to exploring your innate health building opportunities."

Larry Dossey, MD, scientist and author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things
"Dr. Stewart is a pioneer in holistic and mind-body medicine, and was one of the first clinicians in America to build a firm bridge between these areas and conventional medicine."

Justine and Michael Toms, co-founders of New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network and co-authors of True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do
"Dr. Stewart has pioneered a new and effective approach to body/mind/spirit healing."

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