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  The Sacred Kitchen:
Higher-Consciousness Cooking for Health and Wholeness
by Robertson, Robin & Jon

Trade Paperback - ISBN 1577310926
List Price: $16.95 Our Price: $15.26
New World Library

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 This book celebrates the everyday act of cooking as a sacred, life-giving activity and reclaims the kitchen as a temple in the home. Its recipes and sample menus are organized by theme and interspersed among chapters that include tips on using feng shui to supercharge kitchen space, learning to work with the chi (life force) in foods, and incorporating cross-cultural celebrations into mealtimes to bring friends and family closer together. Readers will learn how serving guests can be a part of fulfilling their dharma, why washing dishes is actually a form of yoga, and how to use chopping vegetables as a technique for relaxation. They'll also learn how to create and serve a host of mouthwatering and enlightening dishes, from Jade Ecstasy Soup to Summer Solstice Salad to Create Your Own Reality Sundaes.
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