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  You Can Be Happy No Matter What:
Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective
by Carlson, Richard

Paperback - ISBN 1577315685
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 Many people believe they can only be happy when their problems are solved, relationships improve, and goals are achieved. In this simple guide, Dr. Richard Carlson shows readers how to be happy right now no matter the situation. His plan, based on the principles of Thought (thoughts are voluntary, not involuntary);Mood (thinking is a voluntary that varies function varies from moment to moment and these variances are called moods); Separate Realities (everyone thinks in a unique way and lives in separate psychological realities); Feelings (feelings and emotions serve as a barometer for when one is "off-track" and headed for unhappiness); and the Present Moment (the only time when genuine contentment, satisfaction, and happiness). This timeless book guides readers through life's challenges and restores the joy of living along the way.
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