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The Path to Human Flourishings
by Dacher, Elliott S.

Paperback - ISBN 159120190X
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 Everyone agrees that the mind/body connection is a critical component in healing and well-being. But how do you activate that connection? Practices like yoga, tai chi, reiki, and various types of meditation relate to and promote that connection, but, in themselves, don't produce the qualitative shift needed for the higher level of extraordinary, integral health. Rather that looking outside ourselves for new remedies, techniques, and programs, Elliott S. Dacher, M.D., says we have to redirect our vision from outside to inside. "To transform health and life we must shift our gaze inward, where we will find the ever-present source of exceptional health and healing." writes Dacher. This book provides the vision and the map that show how to achieve integral halth as well as its many fruits. Based on Ken Wilber's integral theory, that path is holistic, evolutionary, intentional, person-centered, and dynamic as it addresses four aspects of human existence-the inner aspects of the psychospiritual and the interpersonal and the outer aspects of the biological and the interpersonal. The seeker learns how to deal with and advance through each of the aspects, do an integral assessment of all four aspects, design a personalized program of integral practice, and progress toward integral health. By sriving for human flourishing, we become co-creators in an evolutionary leap in health and well-being. Following the path to integral health not only helps the seeker deal with life's adversities, including disease, aging, and death, but leads to authentic happiness and genuine wholeness. Are you ready to take that path?

About the Author
Elliott S. Dacher, M.D., received his medical degree in 1970 and practiced full-time internal medicine for twenty-one years. He is the author of "Whole Health" and "Intentional Healing." Currently, Dr. Dacher studies, practices, and teaches the principles of integral health and healing. He continues to counsel individuals aspiring to use distress, disease, and life itself as a pathway to integral health.

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