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  Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time
Practical Advice for Preventing Cancer
by Eldridge, Lynne and Borgeson, David

Paperback - ISBN 1592981593
List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $17.96
Starseed Press

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 The mortality rate from cancer hasn?t changed in 60 years despite the billions invested to find a cure. "Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time" provides solid, practical advice for preventing cancer by avoiding carcinogens and implementing lifestyle/dietary practices that modify cancer causing factors. Combining their experience in family medicine and epidemiology with their passion for disease prevention, the authors provide the most up to date and effective advice for preventing cancer from developing in ourselves and our loved ones. Many "how to" examples for preventing cancer by being environmentally aware, avoiding infections, living the proper lifestyle and getting the proper nutrition are provided. Chapter by chapter summaries and listings of the latest cancer prevention web sites are great references. Worksheets assist readers in implementing the advice in very tangible ways, and the recipe collection of cancer avoiding meals is a winner!
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