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Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief
by Winston, David and Maimes, Steven

Paperback - ISBN 1594771588
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Healing Arts Press

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 The definitive guide to adaptogenic herbs, formerly known as "tonics," that counter the effects of age and stress on the body
Reveals how adaptogens increase the body's resistance to adverse influences
Provides a history of the use of these herbal remedies and the actions, properties, preparation, and dosage for each herb

We all deal with stress every day, and every day our bodies strive to adapt and stay balanced and healthy. In "Adaptogens", authors David Winston and Steven Maimes provide a comprehensive look into adaptogens, non-toxic herbs such as ginseng, eleuthero, and licorice, that produce a defensive response to stress in our bodies. Formerly known as rejuvenating herbs or tonics, adaptogens help the body to "adapt" to the many influences it encounters. They increase stamina and counter the normal effects of aging and thus are becoming important tools in sports medicine and in the prevention and treatment of chronic fatigue and other stress-related disorders.

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