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  Herbal Prescriptions After 50
Everything you Need to Know to Maintain Vibrant Health
by Hoffman, David

Paperback - ISBN 1594771804
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Healing Arts Press

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 As our population ages many more people are realizing that in order to stay healthy into old age we need to become proactive, improving our diets and lifestyle choices, reducing stress, and becoming more knowledgeable about our health and medicine. One way we can help to prevent disease and enhance wellness is the intelligent use of herbs. Because few Americans grew up using plants as medicine, educating oneself as to their safe and rational use is essential. With so many books, websites, and magazines publishing information on herbs and natural health, how does one discern accurate information from the fraudulent? One answer is David Hoffmann’s new book "Herbal Prescriptions after 50." The author is one of the Western world's most respected clinical herbalists, and he offers the reader safe, effective, and relevant treatments for many of the ills that come with increasing age. If you are in your 50s, 60s, or 70s and want to prevent senior moments, menopausal symptoms, prostatic enlargement, and circulatory problems, some of the answers you are seeking can be found within these pages.
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