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  Death on the Learning Curve: The Making of a Surgeon
by Pierce Scranton, M.D.

Hardcover - ISBN 1600700144
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 A hospital operating room may not be as safe as you think it is. Hiding among the sterile scrubs and gleaming instruments of an operating room is a whole lot of high drama: split-second life-and-death decisions...deep questions of ethics...roaring personality conflicts...the glory of saving a life-and the horror when a simple procedure goes terribly wrong.

Renowned surgeon Pierce Scranton, Jr., kept a detailed diary of his internship year at a busy California teaching hospital. This book is a vivid, fictionalized memoir of that year in the trenches. Through the intertwined stories of teachers, students and patients, it explores issues like: What happens when teaching and healing come into conflict? When is a new treatment to prolong life a good idea, and when is it a disaster? How did lawyers and bean-counters get so much power? And when do relationships between doctors and other staff "go too far?" This honest account is startling and sometimes shocking-but always gripping.

  • A fictionalized memoir taken from the author's own diary of his internship year at a real California hospital.
  • Gripping scenes underscore health and political issues that are of serious relevance to reader's lives today.
  • Both startlingly informative and an engaging read, this novel will appeal to a wide audience.

    About Pierce Scranton, Jr, MD
    Pierce Scranton Jr. is a graduate of Kenyon College. After completing medical school and an orthopedic residency he entered private practice in Seattle, Washington. He was team physician for the Seattle Seahawks professional football team, president of the NFL Physician's Society, and president of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. Between a busy private practice and writing he performs charity work operating upon landmine victims and the disabled in Vietnam, enjoys fly fishing, golf, and deep powder skiing. He is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and books, including Death on the Learning Curve: The Making of a Surgeon.

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