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  Vibrational Medicine Third Edition
The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies
by Gerber, Richard

Paperback - ISBN 1879181584
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 Gerber provides a new scientific paradigm that strongly supports what spiritual healers have known for millennia. It explains this knowledge of the energy body in scientific terms that permits us to make a graceful transition from the Newtonian concept of health to the wholeness of the Einsteinian quantum worldview. As such it is a serious investigation of the etheric and a development of an etheric material science to balance the current physical material science. Based on the fact that the body consists of electrical vibrations, Gerber's theories act as a conceptual bridge between allopathic and subtle-energy medicine. It includes an exhaustive treatment of homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, acupuncture, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, radionics and psychic healing. Not only is this book a welcome new approach to modern healthcare, but at the same time a wonderful reference work on energy healing.
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