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  Politically Incorrect Nutrition
Finding Reality in the Mire of Food Industry Propaganda
by Barbee, Michael

Trade Paperback - ISBN 1890612340
List Price: $13.95 Our Price: $12.56
Vital Health Publishing

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 Using the most recent and objective scientific and clinical research data, this book reveals that much current nutritional dogma is based on outdated information or has been fabricated to satisfy vested corporatefinancial interests rather than to promote human health. Learn about these issues and more:
  • How non-caloric artificial sweeteners can actually make you fat -- if not kill you.
  • How overconsumption of certain soy products can upset your hormonal balance and lead to hypothyroidism.
  • Why cholesterol does not cause heart disease and how eggs and red meat may actually help prevent it.
  • The harmful effects of irradiation, microwaving, plastic leaching and overprocessing on food.
  • Why the government is poisoning our water supply with fluoride, a toxin also found in green tea.
  • The need for saturated -- but not synthetic -- fats in a healthy diet.
  • The limitations of calcium and vitamin C supplementation.
  • A dozen ways a vegetarian diet can actually harm your health.
  • Facts and fallacies about the "Ideal" diet.

Michael Barbee gives simple, accurate testimony to the fact that political interests and commercial greed dictate the quality of your life -- especially your emotional and physical health. Read this book and you won't be a victim any longer.
-- Donna Gates, MEd, The Body Ecology Diet

A brilliant expose....This book is a must read for anyone seeking better health in a climate of deception and dishonesty.
-- Ted Spence, DDS, ND

Michael Barbee chases the money behind popular health products and comes up with a gold mine of hidden issues. It's an intriguing read!
-- Larrian Gillespie MD, The Menopause Diet

This well researched and engaging expose of the myths regarding our foods... is a must read. We are very fortunate to be given access to these facts before we unknowingly expose our children and ourselves to further culinary dangers.
-- Julia Ross, MA, The Mood Cure and the best-seller, The Diet Cure

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