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  Migraines and Other Headaches
by Young, William B. and Silberstein, Stephen D.

Trade Paperback - ISBN 1932603034
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Demos Medical Publishing

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 "In their practice, Young and Silberstein both believe in educated patients who work with them as "treatment partners." This philosophy comes through quite strongly in the book. The excellent illustrations are both educational and interesting. Essential points are broken out and repeated in shaded boxes so they're not overlooked. The book speaks not only to educating patients, but also to educating healthcare providers. "Migraine and Other Headaches" addresses the types of head pain that are often left unaddressed in books as well as other illnesses that frequently accompany headache. The book is written in a style that gives plenty of information, yet is easy to follow and understand" --

Migraine and Other Headaches is the essential guide for everyone who suffers from headaches, and will provide the information needed to obtain effective medical care and long-term relief. Different types of headache are thoroughly explained in easy to understand language. The authors discuss the different types of migraine: migraine without aura (previously called common migraine), migraine with aura, and basilar migraine. Emphasis is placed on the necessity of early treatment, the importance of understanding the difference between a headache cause and a headache trigger, and how to avoid common triggers. Rebound headache, caused by the overuse of acute medication, is a topic of special significance and is discussed in detail.

Migraines and Other Headaches will help those suffering with headaches, and those who care for them, to gain a deeper understanding of what is known about headache and what is not known, allowing them to explore diagnosis and treatment with this knowledge in hand. It is the first volume in a new series sponsored by the American Academy of Neurology. 

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