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A. A. World Services, Inc
Abbey Press, Printing And
Academy for Guided imagery
Acropolis Books
Adams Media Corporation
Addison-Wesley Publishing
Advaita Press
Aimed Press
Alive Books
Amalsad, Meher D.
Amber Lotus, Inc.
Amber-Allen Publishing
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
American Biologics
American Botanical Council
American Feng Shui Inst.
American Institue Of Preventive Medicine
American Institute for Preventive Medicine
American Psychiatric Pr.
Andrews And McMeel
Arcadia Press
Ariel Press
Aries Rising Press
Arnford House, Publishers
Ash Tree Publishing
Ashgrove Press
Aslan Publishing
ATI Publishing
Atrium Publishers Group
Audio Renaissance Tapes
Aurora Press
Avalon Travel Publishing
Aventine Press
Avery Penguin Putnam
Avery Publishing Group
Avon Books
Ayurvedic Institute
Ayurvedic Press
B.E.D. Publications
Back To Eden
Baker Book House
Ballantine Books
Bantam Books, Inc.
Barnes & Noble Books
Basic Books, Inc.
Basic Health Publications, Inc.
Bastyr University
Be Happier Press
Beacon Press
Bear & Company
Beaufort Books
Bergin & Garvey Pub.
Berkley Publishing Corporation
Berkshire House, Publisher
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Beyond Words Pub.
Bi World Pubs
Bill Flocco
Bindu Publications
Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
Birdcage Books
Blackwell Science Inc.
Blue Coyote Press
Blue Dolphin Publishing
Blue Dove Press
Blue Poppy Press
Bodymind Books
Book Publishing Company
Boston Chinese Medicine
Botanica Press
Bramble Company
Brandon House, Inc.
Breakthrough Enterprises
Broadway Books
Brotherhood Press
Buckeye Naturopathic Pr.
Capra Press
Carol Publishing Group
Carroll & Graf Publishers
Cassandra Press
Cedar Graphics
Celestial Arts
Center Path Publishing
Center Press
Ceres Press
Chan’s Corporation
Charles E Tuttle
Chase Publications
Chelsea Green Pub Co
Chiltern Yoga Foundation
China Books & Periodicals
Chiron Publications
Chronicle Books
Chrysalis Books
Chung Lew Publishing Co.
Churchill Livingston
Circulus Publishing Group
Cliff Street Books
Color Stone Press
Conari Press
Concept Publishing Co.
Contemporary Books
Continuum Publishing
Cordillera Press, Inc.
Council Oak Books
Couple To Couple League
CRC Press
CRCS Publications
Creative Arts Book Co.
Crossing Press
Crown Publishers, Inc.
Crystal Clarity
Crystal Health Publishing
Crystal Star
Cup Services
Da Capo Press
Daimon Verlag
Daniel, C.W. Co.
David Twicken
Davies-Black Publishing
Dawn Publications
De Schepper, Luc
Dearborn Trade Publishing
Dell Publishing
Delos Publications
Delta Publishing Company
Demos Medical Publishing
Dennis-Landman Pubs.
Deva Press
Devin-Adair Co., Inc.
Devorss & Co
Dialogue House Library
DIANE Publishing Co
Don’t Use-see
Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Dover Publications Inc
Dragon Door Publications
Dream On Creations Publishing
Earth Heart
Earthpulse Press Incorporated
East Health Development
Eastland Press
Edits Publishers
Element Books
Elite Books
Energy Psychology Press
Energy Publications
Enhancement Books
Epic Publishing
Eupsychian Press
Evolving Publications
Fair Winds Press
Fawcett Books
Feminist Health Press
Fine Living Books
Fisher Books
Five Minutes to Health
Foulsham, W., & Company
Four Walls Eight Windows
Free Press
Freeman, W.H., & Company
Friedman & Phillips
Frog Ltd
Fruitgarden Publishing
Fulcrum Publishing
Future Health. Inc.
Future Medicine Publ.
Futuremed, Incorporated
G.T. International/Arcline Publications
Galde Press, Inc.
Gardner Press
Garuda Records
Gateway Books
Gateways Books And Tapes
Gentle Living Publication
Geocom Ltd. Publishing
George Ohsawa Macrobiotic
Gerson Institute
Gestalt Journal
Global Health Solutions
Global Truth Publishing
Grail Foundation
Green Earth Foundation
Green Island Publishing
Greenleaf Book Group Press
Greenwood Press
Guilford Press
Hal Leonard
Hampton Road Publications
Hand to Hand
Harbin Springs Publishing
Harbor Press
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Harmony Books
Harper Collins Pub
Harper Perennial
Harper Resource
Harper San Francisco
Harvard Common Press
Harvard University Press
Haworth Herbal Press
Haworth Press
Hay House, Inc.
Hazelden Ed. Mtl
Hazelden Educational Matl
Healing Arts Press
Healing Tao Books
Health Communications Inc
Health Freedom Publ.
Health Plus Publications
Health Press
Health Research
Healthworks, Inc.
Healthy Buildings Assoc.
Healthy Lifestyle Publishing LLC
Healthy Living Publications
Heart Publishing
Heath, D.c. & Company
Heian International
Hesperian Foundation
Himalayan Institute Press
HJ Kramer
Hohm Press
Holt, Henry, & Company
Homes4Hope Publications
Houghton Mifflin
HRD Press, Inc.
Human Energy Press
Human Kinetics Publishers
Human Sciences Press
Humanics Publishing Group
Humanitarian Publishing
Hunter House, Inc.
Hyperion Press Inc.
IBS Press
IMPAKT Communications
Impressive Press
Impulse Publishing
Information Pioneers
Ingham Publishing, Inc.
Ingram Book Company
Inner City Books
Inner Directions Publishing
Inner Light Foundation
Inner Traditions Intl. Ltd.
Innovative Health Publishing
Insight Books
Insight Editions
Institute For Psycho-imag
Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge
Integral Yoga Dist.
International Health Pub.
International Univ. Press
Interweave Press
Irvington Publishers
Ishi Press International
ITP Distribution Center
Jain, B. Publishers
Jensen’s Nutritional &
Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc.
JL Books
John Wiley & Sons
Johns Hopkins University
Jossey-Bass Inc., Pubs.
Kali Press
Keats Publishing Company
Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co.
Kensington Cards
Kensington Publishing Corp.
Kivaki Press
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Knopf, Alfred A., Inc.
Kodansha International/us
Kombucha Network
Kramer, H.J.
Kripalu Center For Yoga &
La Leche League Interntl.
Larson Publications
Life Rhythm
Life Sciences Press
Lifetime Books, Inc.
Light Technology Publishi
Literary Visions
Little Sun Books
Little, Brown And Company
Live Food Products, Inc.
Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Login Publishers Consort.
Lotus Light Enterprises
Lotus Press
Lust, Benedict Pub
Lynne Snitman
M. Evans & Co.
Mac Publishing
Macmillan Publishing Co.
Macmurray And Beck
Marcus Books
Mariner Press
Marlowe And Company
Marshall House
Matrix Verite, Inc.
Maul Brothers Publishing
Mayfield Publishing Co.
McArthur and Company
McBooks Press
McGraw Hill Book Company
Medicina Biologica
Merali Clinic
Meredith B. Mitchell
Meta Publications
Metamorphous Press
Mills And Sanderson
Missing Diagnosis, Inc,
MIT Press
Molysdatur Publications
Morinaga Publications
Morrow, William & Co
Morson Publishing
Moss Communications
Motilal Barnarsidass
Mountain of Love
Movable Type, Inc.
Mto Shahmaghsoudi
Mulholland Pacific
Munshiram Manoharlal
Mystic Fire Video, Inc.
Namaste Publishing
Nataraj Publishing
National Book Network
Nattrop Publishing
New Age Foods
New American Library
New American Library
New Atlantean Press
New Century Publishers
New Harbinger Publishing
New Horizon Press
New Leaf Distributing Co.
New Page Books
New World Celebrations
New World Library
Newcastle Publications
Newlifestyle Books
Newmarket Press
NewSage Press
NewTrends Publishing
North Atlantic Books
North Scale Institute
North Star Publications
Norton, W.W. And Company
Norwalk Press
NTC/Contemporary Publishing
Nucleus Publications
Nutri-Books Corp.
Nutrition Encounter, Inc.
Nutrition Times Press, Inc.
Octopus Dist. Services
One 8 Incorporated
One World Publications
Open Court/Carus Publ. Co
Organica Press
Oriental Healing Arts Ins
Oryx Press
Osteopathic Center for Children
Outlet Book Company
Overlook Press
Owl Books
Oxford University Press
Pacific View Press
Pagefree Publishing
Panacea Press
Paradigm Distribution
Paradigm Publications
Paradox Pubs.
Paragon House Publishers
Parallax Press
Parkview Publishing
Passage Press
Paulist Press
Peachtree Publishers, Ltd
Peltec Peltec Publishing
Pendle Hill Publications
Penguin USA
People’s Medical Society
Perigee Books
Perrin & Treggett Booksel
Perseus Books
Pfizer/Spencer Books
Phoenix Rising Press
Picnic Point Press
Plenum Publishing Co
Plexus Press
Pocket Books
Polimedia Communications
Practical Allergy
Prelude Press
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Prestige Publishers
Prima Publishing
Prime Imprints, Ltd.
Princeton Univ. Press
Professional Books, Inc.
Professional Press
Promotion Publishing
Prs Publications
PuddleDancer Press
Pure Light Publishing
Purple Paradox Press
Putnam Publishing Group
Quality Of Life 2000
Quantum Books
Quarry Press
Quest Books
R & R Publishing, LLC
R.R.P. Press
Random House
Random House Value Publis
Raw Family Publishing
Re:source Publications
Real People Press
Red Rose Press
Red Wheel/Weiser
Redwing Book Distributors
Reed Elsevier-New Providence
Reflexology Research
Regnery Gateway
Reiki Healing Institute
Rider and Company
Riverhead Books
Robert D. Reed Publishers
Roberts Rinehart Pubs.
Rodale Press
Rodmell Press
Rolf Institute
Ronore Enterprises, Inc.
Rudra Press
Running Press
S.Y.D.A. Foundation Books
Safe Goods
Saint Martin’s Pr. Mass
Sally Rockwell
Scarborough House
Schiffer Publishing Co.
Science And Behavior Bks
Scripps Publishing
Search For Health
Sedona Press
Self Realization Fellowsh
Sensible Psychology Press
Sentient Publications
Serafina Corsello,MD
Seven Stories Press
Sevenstar Communications
Shambhala Publications
Sharon Loeschen
Shelter Publications, Inc
Shen Therapy Institute
Sheriar Press
Shya Publications
Sierra Sunrise Books, Inc
Signet Press
Sigo Press
Siloam Press
Simon And Schuster, Inc.
Sirius Creations
Slack, Inc.
Smithmark Publ
Soules, Gordon Book Pub.
Sounds True Audio
South End Press
Speller, Robert & Sons
Spirit Speaks
Springer Publishing Company
SquareOne Publishers
St. Martin’s Press
Starseed Press
Statford Publishing, Inc.
Station Hill Press
Sterling Publishing Co.
Stewart, Tabori And Chang
Stillpoint Publishing
Sun Coast Ent
Sun Publishing Co.
Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha
Sweet Ch’i Press
Symbolic Productions
T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center Of
Tabor Publishing
Tale Weaver Publishing
Talking Birds Press
Talman Co., Inc.
Ten Speed Press
Tesla Book Company
Texas Bookman
The Ayurvedic Institute
The Ayurvedic Press
The Center for Mind/Body Medicine
The Hunter Press
The Putnam Publishing Group
The Wellness Center for Research and Education
Theosophical Pub Hse
Theosophical Univ. Press
Theresa Dale
Third Line Press
Third Side Press
Thomson-Shore, Inc
Thorsons Publishing Group
Three Rivers Press
Thunder’s Mouth Press
Tiger Lily Publishing
Tilbury House Publishers
Timeless Books
Tools For Recovery
Tor Books
TouchStar Productions
Traditional Studies Press
Tree Of Life Publications
Tyndale House Publishers
Ulysses Press
University Medical Resear
University of California Press
University Of Chicago Pr.
University Of Nebraska Pr
University Press Of
Van Der Kar Press
Van Nostrand
Veda Publishing
Vedanta Centre Publishers
Vedanta Press/incense
Vegetarian Resource Group
Viking Press, Inc. Cloth
Vincente Books
Visible Ink Press
Vision Books Inter-
Vision Publications
Vision Works
Vital Health Publishing
Vitality, Ink
Vivi Company
W B Saunders Co
Walker Publishing Co.
Warner Books
Water Margin Press Ltd
Watermark Publishing, LLC
Weatherhill Distribution
Wehawken Books
Weiser, Samuel, Inc.
What Doctors Don't Tell You
White Cliffs Media Co
White Sage Press
Whole Person Associates
Whole Person Calendar
Wholistic Healing Publications
Wilshire Book Company
Wingbow Press
Workman Publishing Co.
Wright/Gaby Institute
Yale University Press
Yang’s Martial Arts Assoc
Yes! Books
Yoga Publication Society
Zen Center Of Rochester
zmark Pub test
Zondervan Publishing House