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The Kaze™ Aromatherapy Diffuser
The Kaze™ Aromatherapy Diffuser
The Kaze™ Aromatherapy Diffuser
The Kaze™ Aromatherapy Diffuser
The Kaze™ Aromatherapy Diffuser
The Kaze™ Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Kaze™ Aromatherapy Diffuser

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The Handmade Kaze ™ Aromatherapy Diffuser brings calm, serenity, and wellbeing to any room. 

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During these crazy times, we all need more calmness in our lives. The Kaze Aromatherapy Diffuser has 3D firework Technology that creates a spectacle for the senses. Gift the Kaze™ this holiday season and you'll be the best gift-giver of your family!

Why You'll Love It:

  • Silent, continuous breeze that improves the humidity of any space
  • Zen level aroma with just a few drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Beautiful handmade glass and 3D firework design that brings calm and beauty to any room
  • Multiple firework colors to fit any mood
  • Small enough for you to take it to your office or when you travel

The Kaze™ is so simple to use. Just add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, plug it in, and a kind wind and gentle aroma will emanate throughout your room. This is the perfect gift for the holiday season that will light up any room!


  • Materials: ABS + PP + PC glass
  • Voltage: 100-240v
  • Capacity: 100ml

Your Package Includes:
1 x Kaze Air Humidifier

1 x Power Source

1 x User Manual

How to use the Kaze

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I use the Kaze Air Humidifier and Diffuser?
    • It’s easy. Just open the case and pour up to 100ml of water into the Kaze. If you want, you can also add a few drops of your favorite Aromatherapy essential oil. Close the top and turn on the device.
  • Can I use the Kaze without the Firework Display on?
    • Yes. When you turn on the Kaze, just press the lighting button, located on the base, to toggle the lights on and off.
  • What kind of oils can I use with the Kaze?
    • We recommend most any essential oil that you can buy at your local health and wellness shop. Our staff especially loves a lemongrass oil we purchased at a local Whole Foods grocery store.
  • How do I clean the Kaze?
    • It’s easy. First make sure it’s unplugged. Then empty the device so that there is no water or oil remaining in it. Finally, take a cloth and gently wipe the inside water container. We recommend that you clean it at least every month or if you are switching from one essential oil to another.