Redolent Incense Waterfall
Redolent Incense Waterfall
Redolent Incense Waterfall
Redolent Incense Waterfall

Redolent Incense Waterfall

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A Mesmerizing Beauty that Takes Aromas to Another Level

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Redolence refers to only the best aromas and scents and that's what you'll experience as you watch trails of smoke, lazily flow down the face of your Redolent Incense Waterfall. It's a practical incense holder that brings calm and beauty to any room.

This handcrafted, ceramic sculpture will turn heads while taking your breath away. Gaze on its beauty but focus on the aroma. 


  • Beauty: Handcrafted ceramic beauty. It looks like a genuine piece of art and is certainly a conversation starter. The waterfalls are expertly crafted so that the calming smoke drifts down its face
  • Purification: Helps purify the air so that you can take your meditation into a higher state
  • Calm: Redolent aroma from burning incense can be stress relieving, helping you relax and sleep deeper 

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the dimensions of the Redolent Incense Waterfall?
    • Because it is handcrafted, each piece may vary in height. Typically the sculpture is 17-18cm tall and about 13cm wide
  • What type of incense do I need to use?
    • The waterfall comes with a sample of 50 wormwood incense cones
    • Helps maintain a spiritual consciousness
  • How do I maintain my waterfall?

    • We recommend that you gently hand wash/rinse your waterfall monthly. Do NOT put it in an automatic dishwasher!