Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp
Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp
Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp
Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp
Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp
Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp
Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp

Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp

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The beautiful way to get rid of deadly mosquitos inside your house.

The world is getting warmer, which means more and more mosquitos. What's worse, they're carrying dangerous pathogens like West Nile Virus and Zika.  NO MORE! It's time to suck that problem away.

The Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp quietly attracts, removes, and kills those dangerous pests that get into your house.  Protecting you and your love ones, the lamp attracts and then pulls the pest into its trap where they simply die. It does this without looking like an eyesore.

These lamps are so beautifully effective, that you'll want to put one in every room in your house.

Say goodbye to unhealthy pesticides or traditional, ugly mosquito lamps, the Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp is a safe way to remove those seasonal pests from your house. It's so easy to use.  Just plug it in, using it's low powered USB or AC plug and walk away. The lamp just does it's thing.

The Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp also looks like a smart addition to your book shelf, desk or even kitchen counter.  With a number 5 different 3D holographic designs to choose from, you can pick the one that makes sense for you depending on the room in where you put it.  From playful pigs, to messages of universal love, to inspirational fawns, the lamp can blend into to most any room, providing beauty and protection

Beauty and Safety is Yours!

Why You'll It:

  • All natural and pesticide free

  • Safe for pregnant mothers and young children

  • 5 inspirational and playful designs to choose from

  • Easy, mess-free clean up


  • Cool 365 nanometer light wave

  • USB powered for easy portability

  Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I use the Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp?

    • Simply plug it into your computer or a standard A/C outlet and you're good.

  • Can I change the 3d Holographic design out?

    • Unfortunately the elegant 3d Holograms are not swap-able. If you like the different designs, we'd encourage you to buy multiple lamps and place them in different rooms.

  • How do I clean my lamp?

    • It's really easy. First, unplug your Lite Magic Mosquito Lamp. Next unscrew the bottom trap from the main base unit. Finally empty the trap in the trash. Depending how often you empty your trap, you may need to rinse the trap.  If you do, please make sure the trap is completely dry before re-attaching it to the base.