Pedal to the Metal Thigh Blaster
Pedal to the Metal Thigh Blaster
Pedal to the Metal Thigh Blaster
Pedal to the Metal Thigh Blaster
Pedal to the Metal Thigh Blaster

Pedal to the Metal Thigh Blaster

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Blast your quads while watching your favorite TV show.

Let's face it, we can all use an extra workout session or two. But who has the time?!? With our Pedal to the Metal Thigh Blaster, you can get an amazing leg workout while watching TV, going to a Zoom meeting, or just reading your favorite book.

The Thigh Blaster is a great workout that you can take with you into nearly any room in the house. It's so portable and simple to set up. Two clicks and you're done. The digital display keeps track of your progress so you can be sure your training is as effective as possible. The Thigh Blaster can also be used by those that have arthritis or are recovering from major surgeries, like knee reconstruction or torn ligaments.

The Petal to the Metal Thigh Blaster is so effective, that you'll want to take it everywhere. There's no excuse. You'll always have a chance to blast those thighs!

A low-key way to get an intensive leg workout!

Why You'll Love It:

  • It's great for stimulating blood circulation and muscle strength for people on Zoom calls all day or seniors needing to train post a major knee or leg surgery

  • The variable training through the  adjustable resistance knob ensures you can keep your thighs working at maximum effort

  • It's got an anti-slip design which enables you to train on hardwood, cement, or even carpeted floors

  • Bright and accurate display to measure your calories burned, RPM and total exercise time. It keeps you focused on training hard

  • It's light and extremely portable. Two clicks and it installs onto any floor.


  • Made from high quality ABS plastic and steel

  Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I use the Thigh Blaster?

    • Simply place on the ground, pull out the legs and lock them into place, press the program start button on the timer, and start pedaling!

  • How much does it weigh?

    • It weighs just 6 lbs so is extremely portable, yet very sturdy.

  • Who should use the Thigh Blaster?

    • Petal to the Metal Thigh Blaster can be used by all ages.  Of course, when starting any new fitness regimen, always check with your doctor first. That said, the Thigh Blaster is great for a leg session when you're relaxing, attending an online meeting, or even watching your favorite show.

    • It can also be used by seniors as a complement to physical therapy or to improve circulation when dealing with arthritis.