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Inner Peace Music
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Chakra Suite


$15.98 - Item Number IP-8000
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New! Chakra Suite is the new incarnation of Spectrum Suite, Steven's award-winning, classic recording which was recently named "the most influential New Age healing recording of all time."

Chakra Suite contains 10 new and updated tracks PLUS the original 8 from Spectrum Suite. It's two CD's worth of material on one disk!

Listen to Samples from CD!

1st Chakra: Keynote C
Sonic Satori
7th Chakra: Keynote B

This landmark recording resonates each chakra with the corresponding keynote of sound which entrains your body, mind and spirit to a higher order of coherence and overall well-being. The luminous tones of the electric piano and ethereal harmonies spiral up your spine to the top of your head, making it ideal for relaxation or meditation.


Chakra Suite


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