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Inner Peace Music
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Inner Peace
Healing Music for Body, Mind & Soul


$15.98 - Item Number IP-8001
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"Stress relief...at the speed of soundTM"

An essential addition to Steven Halpern's best selling "Sound Healing" series, Inner Peace is guaranteed to "relax the body, quiet the mind and soothe the soulTM" -- delivering the healing feeling of inner peace.

Take a deep breath . . . close your eyes, and let the music effortlessly transport you to a delightful place of tranquility, balance and joy. Almost immediately, you'll notice you are breathing more deeply, and re-connecting to that special place of peace that exists within each of us. Play the music softly in the background, and enjoy it as "sonic incense" for yoga, massage, and relaxation. Listen deeply, and the sustained, resonant low tones and shimmering higher harmonics become a valued ally for meditation and journeying on the inner planes of consciousness.

Listen to Samples:              Inner Peace          Deep Peace              Sanctuary of the Heart

"Steven Halpern is a healer with sound. His music has helped millions experience transformative moments that lead to greater wholeness and happiness."

Larry Dossey, M.D., Bestselling author: Re-inventing Medicine


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